Chocolate Chip Cookie Best Picks

The all time everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookies are indeed an irresistible treat. People want it for a road trip, they need it to munch while watching television, and they often buy them for school break! Personally, I like to enjoy chocolate chip cookies with a shot of homemade espresso!

What’s so special about it anyways?

Want to know? Stay with me!

These cookies are drop cookies which were originated in the United States. The small morsels of chocolate in the cookies are the distinguished ingredient. This was added by Ruth Graves Wakefield, he added the chopped up pieces from a Nestle bar into a cookie.

The main ingredients in chocolate chip cookies are- flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter or margarine, chocolate chips of course, eggs, vanilla, baking soda for the fluffiness and salt to make the taste better.

Let us explore the feeling of your tongue wanting to taste those cookies, while your nose smells that delicious smell coming out of your oven, and your eyes watching the batter in the mould fluff into cookies – by looking at how a cookie is prepared.

The actual recipe combines dough which is prepared of butter, brown and white sugar both, chocolate chips and vanilla. Chocolate chips can be semi-sweet, sweet, dark, mild etc, as per the demand. Some also use extra ingredients such as oatmeal or nuts.

People who are vegetarian use the substitution ingredients such as vegan chocolate chips, vegan margarine and so forth. Vegan is vegetarian for those products which are prepared by or with non animal substance.

Some recipes are optimized to make soft and chewy cookies, whereas some recipes would make them light and crispy. The texture would depend on the measurement of the ingredients taken in the batter to prepare them. In baking not only the measurements of ingredients is important, but also the method of mixing and blending. If the batter is not well blended, and it has holes or loops, then the cookies won’t fluff or rise as they are meant to.

Every recipe has the same order. First the sugars and the fats are creamed together with a blender or a wooden spoon. After that eggs and vanilla is added followed by flour, (one at a time of course). Then the cocoa powder is added, giving the batter the tasty, mouth watering smell and the eagerness to eat them.

Note- if you want your cookies to be the world best cookies then freeze the prepared dough in the refrigerator for 24-6 hours before baking.

Types of chocolate cookies

This would be new for some of you; there are a few types of chocolate chip cookies. Wondering why would there be types in a single flavored cookie? The answer to your question is-

A super-chewy cookie

When you want the result to be dense, fudgy texture then you need to add extra moisture to the batter. Some would flatten the dough and put it round in shape on the baking sheets. There’s another way too, scooping rounded mounds of dough on the baking sheet. This would make the cookie chewy. If it is still not chewy enough then I would recommend adding more butter and eggs according to your call. Brown sugar should be added as per your recipe says.

An interesting Fact – Brown sugar has more moisture than white sugar, and dark brown sugar has more moisture than light brown sugar.

A crispy crunchy cookie

When you were making chewy cookie you added more moisture. To have a crispy crunchy cookie you need to lessen the moisture. As mentioned above – white sugar has less moisture, adding it more would make the cookie crispy.

Eggs and butter provides the protein and the structure to the cookie, so don’t cut back on them. The recipe for perfect crispy crunchy cookie is to bake them a little while longer than their baking time.

A quick tip- You might want to flatten the mould with your hands so that the cookies bake fast.

A double chocolaty chocolate chip cookie

It is said that chocolate helps the mood get better. What’s better than a double chocolaty chocolate chip cookie when upset or tensed! Now isn’t it obvious that to make the cookie double chocolaty only the cocoa powder must be added more.

Note – To get rid of lumps in the batter; use a sieve for cocoa-powder, sugar and flour.

Get your best recipe of chocolate chip cookie here from none other than Betty Crocker.

Have a snack of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk if you don’t enjoy coffee. You will never regret the taste of it together.