As American as Apple Pie, right?

How often do we visit our grandparents? When we do what is the most relishing and cherishing thing we love when we visit them? Grandma’s handmade cookies and her pies! Grandma’s recipes are always delicious. Apple pie is one of them.

An apple pie is a tart or a pie, in which the main ingredient would be apple of course. Apple pie is served with whipped cream, ice cream or cheddar cheese. It sure does taste delicious. When served with any topping it refers to the name-Apple pie ala mode.

Interesting, right?

An apple as the main ingredient of the Apple pie can be fresh, canned or reconstituted from dried apples. Whatever the kind of apple is chosen it will affect the final texture of the dessert. The preparing time will also be depended on the kind of apple. The dry or preserved apples are only used when fresh ones are not available. Apple has the company of cinnamon, salt, butter, flour and most importantly sugar.

There are two levels of apple pie. The bottom and top, a double crust pie. The bottom layer needs to be baked first before baking the whole pie. This prevents it from getting soggy.

The preparations take almost an hour and a half, the cooking takes two hours. Let’s go through the process-

To make the dough for the crust whisk the flour, the sugar and salt together. Work the butter into the dry mixture using your fingers, until it’s like yellow corn meal mixed with bean sized pieces of butter. During this mixture if the flour gets warm, cool it for 10 minutes in the fridge before moving on. Then add the egg and stir the dough by hand or spoon or fork. If the dough is too dry then sprinkle a little cold water and moisturize it. Prepare the dough by this method mentioned above, meaning manually. Or to lessen your work let the food processor do the work. After all the ingredients are well mixed in the processor then bring the dough together by your hands.

Wrap the dough in a cling wrap and refrigerate it for 1 hour. Meanwhile prepare the filling of crust. Take a bowl, cut apple pieces in it and put the lemon juice in it. Slowly add sugar and mix eventually.

Now take a large pan, melt the butter over medium heat; you don’t want to burn the butter. Add the apples in the butter and cook them. Keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture begins to simmer. Lower your heat to continue cooking apple until it is soften and has released most of its juice. To be precise – cook for about seven minutes.

After cooked, strain all the apple juice from the mixture. Put this juice back in the pan and cook it until it is thick and looks slightly caramelized. Put the apples with the reduced juice and spices together in a bowl and set it aside to cool.

Now the final part- cut the dough into two parts. Roll them over on a flat surface. Place one part of the dough in a pan by its shape. Put the filling on the dough and spread it. Place the other dough on the filling. Seal the edges of both part of the dough’s together. Brush egg on the surface of the dough and sprinkle sugar on it. Likewise brush on the top. Pierce some holes on top of the pie to let the steam escape while baking.

This is a long method of preparing. You could also make the crust with the help of Pillsbury readymade dough ingredients. Then you would only have to make the filling and you have an apple pie for yourself or your guests.

Here’s the recipe of apple pie if made with the Pillsbury box.

Apple pie is prepared through many styles; Dutch, English, French, Swedish and American style.

You could visit this site to make the apple pie of your preferred flavor.